Animal Crossing Pop Up Gallery: Calling all Artists!!!

February 20, 2020

How to Participate in our upcoming Pop Up Gallery  April 3-5: -Though attendance is encouraged, you do not have to Attend the Pop Up gallery to Participate. -You can submit any number of pieces as long as they are related to Animal Crossing ™ . Adult pieces may be submitted but are subject to censorship or may be placed away from the general public. -We will accept original pieces (painting, sculptures, ect) and mass produced pieces (prints, pins, ect) but they must be your own art. No Bootlegs! -You may opt to sell or just display your pieces. If you sell we will take a 20% commission on the art for sale. -You will be able to advertise yourself with a small sign (11in*8.5in max) and/or business cards. This is regardless if your pieces are for display or sale. - Art submissions will start Sat. March 14 through Tues. March 31st during regular store hours or email with the subject “Animal Crossing Art” to make special drop off arrangements (such as meeting at CAF or mailing it to us). -Pick up will start Tues. April 7th-Thurs. April 30 during regular store hours. If your art or money is not picked up by April 30, it becomes forfeit, unless other arrangements are made by emailing us at with the subject “Animal Crossing Art”. -Check out our facebook page for more info about the Pop Up Gallery. Please share this info with anyone you think would be interested!

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