CAW Prizes

November 16, 2021

For every $30 you spend during Customer Appreciation Weekend you will get an entry to win one of these prize bundles. There are 8 bundles to choose from with a total estimated value $1,046!

  1. Jojo’s Golden Wind Backpack, Jojo’s Bruno Body Pillow
    Appx Value $110
  2. Sailor Moon Eternal Winged G&G Figure, Sailor Moon Eternal Edition V01 Manga, Sailor Moon Inner Scout Figure, Sailor Moon Silhouette Metal Keychain, Sailor Moon Keychain, Sailor Moon Chibi Scouts Lanyard
    Appx Value $106
  3. Gloomy Bear Group 3 Stickers, Gloomy Bear Tribal Pink Plush. Gloomy Bear Starry Edition Plush, Gloomy Bear Black Rose Plush
    Appx Value $110
  4. Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora Christmas Bring Arts Figure, Kingdom Hearts Wallet
    Appx Value $110
  5. Digimon Embroidery brooch set of 8, Digimon Crest of Courage Drip-proof pouch
    Appx Value $160
  6. Sanrio X-Mas Box Set , Sanrio Ornament KeyChain Set of 10, Sanrio Musical Christmas Card
    Appx Value $130
  7. Batman Ninja Sengoku DX Figma
    Appx Value $200
  8. Vocaloid Miku Die Cut Pillow Set of 3
    Appx Value $120

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