Japanese Kit Kat Tasting

January 23, 2020

Sat. Feb. 8th, $5 to participate -Session 1 is from 2-3pm -Session 2 is from 3-4pm There is a limited quantity so book your session ASAP in store or at https://www.rainydayanime.shop/kit-kat-tasting.html. Delight in sampling 12 unique Japanese Kit Kat flavors. This will include water and crackers as palate cleansers to get the full flavor experience. For those counting, the tasting will total approximately 190 calories. The Flavors are... -Ruby Chocolate -Mikan Orange -Salted lemon -Apple pie -Melon Mascarpone -Sweet Potato -Kobe Pudding -Kyoho Grape -Peach -Chestnut -Mint Yogurt -Plum Sake (21 and up) or Soft serve Ice cream (All ages)  

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