Take a Chance for Charity!

June 1, 2023

For a limited time we will be offering Special grab bags for $5 each, The Take a Chance Box!
These boxes will contain all the unsellable stuff we've been collecting but haven’t had the heart to throw away or time to donate. This could be outdated merch (like old phone cases), damaged or defective merch, old fixtures, promotional items and some of the weird stuff that randomly shows up in our shipments.

But why on earth would you want to Take a Chance ?

-100% of the sales of these boxes will go to Inside Out Youth Services.
-It potentially keeps this stuff out of landfills by giving it another chance
-Also we might throw in something kinda nice on occasion.

So why not come in and Take a Chance with these $5 Boxes!

Don't want to take a chance?

You can help by donating directly to Inside Out Youth Services.


You can donate some of your own items to our Take a Chance Bags.

Donated Items should still have some value and be related to Anime Fandom/Japanese culture.

We will not accept items that are:

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